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The importance of logistics

Logistics is the artery of the national economy, it is the link between production and consumption, the city and the countryside. Logistics has become the basic industry of national economic development, it is the basic conditions of social development and improving people’s living standards, also is one of the important symbol that measures the degree of modernization for a country. Logistics is also a system engineering, it is the whole process from production to consumption, in other words, it is a continuous operation, it was combined by packaging, handling, transportation, warehousing, circulation processing, information and other links, and every link is contacted. Thus, the problem of any link will directly affect the  completion of the all logistics activities, and affect the overall function of logistics.

The ultimate goal of logistics activities is to shorten the circulation of goods to achieve a fast delivery, ensure the goods quality, save logistics cost, improve work efficiency and reduce the circulation costs, so that can be rational unity between social benefits and business efficiency. Warehousing industry is an important part in logistics industry , the rapid development of logistic system need prefect warehouse level as the guarantee.

The development tendency and direction of warehousing and logistics in China

 (A) warehousing logistics industry socialization, functional development direction

Warehousing industry should tend to socialization and functional socialization in China. We will make full use of existing warehousing resources to improve the warehousing efficiency and specialized functions of storage division, accelerate the development of social production and promote the improvement of logistics efficiency, to improve the efficiency of warehousing management and achieve modernization management.

(B) mechanization, automation development direction

With the development of production technology, production mechanization has been the basic requirements of modern enterprise production. In terms of mechanization, warehousing mechanization is the inevitable development of the storage industry. Warehousing enterprises should achieve the lowest human work through mechanization, increase business integration, reduce personal injury and cargo damage, and achieve the goal of improving operational efficiency. In the future, warehousing industry is necessarily developed on mechanization. With the development of modern industrial production, the flexible manufacturing systems, computer integrated manufacturing systems and factory automation has put forward higher requirements for automated warehousing, and warehousing technology will have more reliable, more real-time information, and logistics between factories and warehouses must be accompanied with parallel information flow.

(C) The development direction of information technology and information network.

The information network is an integral part of social economic development, and it is the same for the storage and logistics industry. For the logistics distribution center with large stock and diversified goods, it is difficult that achieve to improve the utilization of the warehouse, maintain efficient inventory flow and implement the accurate inventory control under the condition of without computer information management. The decision-making of enterprise production and operation need timely feedback of storage information, under the condition of fully master goods inventory, reserve, storage location and consumption speed, we are able to accurately develop production and business decisions.

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