Firstly, the prospect analysis of health industry


Throughout the industrial development trend, the health industry and its related industries will continue to maintain a high-speed growth, at the same time, industrial integration and intertwined industrial form will provide a strong driving force for the next 5 to 10 years on the development of health industry. The three main tendency for industry development in the future: Firstly, it is the diversification of product form. The traditional health industry just provided the service of clinics and nursing for patients, however, the new health industry will not be limited on these in the future. It will have a broader development space. Secondly, the emerging industrial form is changing, some branches that represents future development direction has been developed in china, such as pension, health care and high-end medical equipment. Thirdly, the emergence of new technology will promote the rapid transformation and development for domestic health industry. The new generation technology will be the important motivation for health industry, and provide main guarantee for strategic development, including cloud computing, Internet of thing, Mobile Internet and so on.  Many medical and health institutions are very concerned about the application of information technology in terms of  hospital management and health management. Internet technology can provide the implementation of intelligent security, and implement the monitoring automation for important area in medical and health institutions. Pension service is one of the most promising industries in the future, however, the development of pension industry is not only to build pension institutions. It should provide professional service to improve the health level and life quality for elder people. Biomedicine is the most concerned among the health industries, and be invested by the most enterprises.


Secondly, the medical industry development scale and prospects


China’s medical market is huge, it was rapid expanded with some factors in terms of population aging, urbanization, wealth growth and basic medical security system. In 2013, China’s total health expenditure was 3.2 trillion Yuan, it is 4.2 times than that in 2004, and maintained a compound growth rate of 17.2% over the past years. However, comparing with the level of high income countries with 7.7%, China’s health expenditure just accounted for only 5.6% of GNP, it is lower than the level of high-income countries. it is obviously that China’s health industry still has upside potential in the future because of the huge base of population and consumption. It the expenditure rate can be reached 6.5%-7% in 2020, China’s health consuming market will reach 6.2 trillion Yuan scale.


The medical health industry still has the huge upside potential in the next 5 years, but under the influence of health care policy reform, the pattern will be differentiated, the traditional pharmaceutical production and distribution business investment value is being weakened, medical services (in vitro diagnosis, precision medical, rehabilitation medical ), private hospitals, medical equipment, Internet medical treatment has a strong investment value, which will be the main investment for the next 5 years.

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