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In China, the development tendency of electronics industry in the future.

Firstly, the depth of the electronics industry will be further expanded. Currently, it is limited by technological innovation and application level, the development of the electronics industry is still in its infancy. With the improvement of these two aspects level and other related technology development, the electronics industry will be developed in the more advanced way, a new generation of electronics industry will be surfaced, to replace the current simple approach with “website + email”. The electronics industry will be transformed from the initial form of online store and portal to the core business process, customer relationship management and so on, so that products and services will be closer to the user needs. Interaction and real-time will become the common characteristics of enterprise, and network will become the dominating system in terms of enterprises resources planning, customers relationship management and supply chain management.

Secondly, China’s electronics industry will face severe challenges. The electronic industry is the inevitable trend for the development of international trade. With the standardization and perfection of the international electronic industry environment, it is necessary that the Chinese electronics industry enterprises will be developed to the world, this is also the needs that further expand foreign economic and trade cooperation, adapt to economic globalization and enhance the international competitiveness of Chinese enterprises.

Thirdly, the electronics industry will become the mainstream for next electronics industry generation development. The first generation of the electronics industry focused on content, the second generation focused on the integrated electronics industry, and the next generation of the electronics industry will be value-added content and business platform tightly integrated, give full play to the Internet in the information service advantages, so that the electronics industry will really enter the practical stage.

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