After the long-term development, China has become the largest energy producer and consumer country in the world, the formed comprehensive energy supply system in terms of coal, electricity, oil, natural gas, new energy, renewable energy, the technical equipment level has been improved obviously and living standard was significantly perfected. Although China’s energy development has made great achievements, it is still faced a huge pressure on energy demand, and the overall level of energy technology need be improved.

In June 2014, the President proposed to promote energy production and consumption revolution, the establishment of a multi-supply system, focus on the development of non-coal energy, such as coal, oil, gas, nuclear, new energy and renewable energy. In the same time, to enhance the distribution network and reserve facilities. in recent years, China’s energy system reform was deepened constantly, the reform of electricity market has achieved remarkable effect, and the policies of new energy has been pushed by one after another, and the external development environment of new energy industry has been optimized.

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