Equipment Manufacture

Equipment manufacturing industry is the strategic industry that provides technology equipment for each industry of national economy, it is the important guarantee for industry upgrading and technology progress and the concentrated expression of the national comprehensive strength.   The high-end intelligent equipment manufacturing industry is the high-end link in the manufacturing value chain because of its characteristics such as technology, knowledge-intensive, high added value, good growth, strong key and large driving force. It is an important index to measure a country’s core competitiveness, also is an important symbol of the rise of national industry. High-end intelligent mechanical equipment compared with ordinary machinery equipment, one of the characteristics is through the application of automatic control technology, integrated modern precision drive control technology and precision manufacturing technology to achieve the goal of high-speed, high precision, high efficiency and high quality products.

With years of development, China’s equipment manufacturing industry has formed an industry system with wide range, large-scale and high level technology, and become the important mainstay industry for national economy.

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